‘iPhone 6’ Will Feature Sharp’s Poly-Silicon LCDs in 2012?

The iPhone 5 hasn’t even been announced, but the latest report indicates next-generation LCD panels from Sharp will power the sixth generation iPhone in 2012. Japanese newspaper Nikkan reports Sharp’s primary facility used for building LCD TVs has started to prepare equipment for production.

What exactly are the benefits of this new LCD technology from Sharp? According to AppleInsider:

The liquid crystal display on the anticipated “iPhone 6” is said to feature “low-temperature poly-silicon” technology, a next-generation display format that allows for thinner and lighter screens that consume less power than traditional LCD screens.

In a “p-Si LCD,” the thin film transistor, or TFT, of the screen is made of polycristalline silicon. With this method, the display drivers can be mounted directly onto the glass substrate, shrinking the TFT section and allowing for a thinner LCD display.

Essentially we will continue to see the evolution of LCD displays for smartphones, leading to thinner and more energy efficient displays that save space as they will be able to house more parts with its space-saving design. Furthermore, p-Si displays will also feature more colourful displays and durability.

The existing Retina Display on the iPhone features 326 DPI, and is an industry-leader in terms of clarity. Thinner LCDs will save space for more components such as a bigger battery, and other parts. I can’t imagine how the Retina Display can be improved, but it appears Sharp’s LCD technology is going to make it happen.

[via AppleInsider]