iPhone Battery Explodes in Chinese Man’s Face After He Bites It [VIDEO]


A Chinese man, who was looking for a replacement battery for his iPhone at an electronics store, caused the component to explode in his face as he decided to bite into it to somehow test its authenticity.

According to Taiwan News (via AppleInsider), a ten-second video of the bizarre incident captured by the store’s CCTV camera has also gone viral since its posting on the Chinese video sharing site miaopai.com.

In the video, a man places an iPhone battery in his mouth and he proceeds to bite it, apparently to test its authenticity or durability. Because his teeth likely caused a catastrophic rupture to the device’s casing, it suddenly burst into a massive ball of fire which engulfed both he and his female companion.

Fortunately, news outlets report that no one was injured in the blast, but many in the store were startled by the sudden explosion. In response to the video, a Chinese netizen chided the man by saying, “The battery is not gold, why are you biting it?”

It is not yet known whether the store in question is an Apple Authorized Service Partner or another third-party repair center, since the latter typically using components outside of the official supply chain. 

Hit up this link to watch the video clip showing the explosion in action.