iPhone Battery Percentage Finally Hits the Battery Icon in the Status Bar [iOS 16 Beta 5]

With Apple’s release of iOS 16 beta 5 today, the company has finally added the battery percentage to the battery icon itself in the iPhone and iPad’s status bar.

That’s according to those that were quick to install the latest beta, such as MacRumors’ Sami Fathi. We can see the green charging battery icon below also has frickin’ numbers on it as well.

Previously, the battery percentage in the status bar was only available when you dragged your finger down to reveal Control Center. But Apple has now integrated the battery percentage right onto the battery icon itself, saving users a step to find out exactly how much battery is left.

You can see the white battery percentage text overlayed on top of the green battery icon:

Ios 16 battery icon status bar

Image via @SamiFathi_

When you are using Lower Power Mode, the battery percentage (in black text) on the battery icon also displays, while the battery icon turns to the normal yellow colour:

Battery icon yellow ios 16

Image via @SamiFathi_

iPhones with Face ID have a notch at the top of displays for the latter’s hardware. This pushed the battery percentage into Control Center. It all started when the iPhone X with Face ID launched in 2018, as that saw the battery percentage disappear from the status bar.

Just last month, Apple’s support channel on YouTube shared a video tutorial called “how to see the battery percentage on your iPhone”, but when iOS 16 debuts, this may be no longer necessary.

Battery percentage in iOS 16 beta 5 appears to be missing so far on iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini, according to @AppleSWUpdates.