iPhone Sales Projected to Exceed 50 Million for Fiscal Q4

Apple will today report is fourth fiscal quarter earnings after the market closes, so all eyes are on the company. As usual, analysts will take their best shot at predicting the sales numbers for iPhones, iPad and Macs, and Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt compared the forecast of amateur and professional analysts. 

For the same period last year, Apple reported the sale of 39.27 million iPhones, and with the popularity of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, analysts have set the bar much higher for this year.

The highest estimate comes from professional analyst Sherri Schribner of Deutsche Bank, with 51.10 million units, followed by Colin Gillis of BGC Partners. Independent analyst “Beltway” Greg Boyd expects Apple to report 50.5 million iPhones for the past quarter, followed by Lee Storch of the Braeburn Group with 50 million units.

The lowest estimate comes from Amit Dayanani of RBC Capital: he expects Apple to report 45.16 million iPhones.

As a result, amateur analyst predictions averaged 49.39 million units, professionals’ 48.56 million units and the average, according to the Fortune’s chart being 48.89 million.