‘iPhone SE’ Cases Suggest Virtually Identical Design to iPhone 5s [VIDEO]

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Some pre-release cases for the upcoming ‘iPhone SE’ discovered by MobileFunTV seem to suggest that the new 4-inch iPhone may look almost exactly the same as the iPhone 5s, as opposed to recent rumours that it will feature a design similar to the iPhone 6s (via AppleInsider). The source reveals in a new video how X-Doria’s bumper and shield cases align properly with the buttons, ports, and dimensions of the iPhone 5s.

At the same time though, another Chinese case also labelled as being for the “iPhone 5se,” received by Unbox Therapy suggests repositioned buttons and a modified chassis with iPhone 6-style curved screen edges. Apparently, one of the two case makers have got it all wrong, and we’ll only know for sure which one at 10 a.m. Pacific on Monday.

In the meantime, check out the following YouTube video from MobileFunTV: