iPhone X Smart Battery Case Icon Shows Up in iOS 12.1.2


While Apple has yet to announce an iPhone X/XS battery case, a Reddit user’s hack job seems to have discovered an iPhone X-style smart battery case icon in iOS 12.1.2 suggesting an official Apple battery case for the X-series iPhones could see a release in the near future.

PrkS8UZ 1

The guy apparently cut his old iPhone 7 battery case in an attempt to make an iPhone X version. Here’s what he did:

“I cut off all the sides & dremeled out the bottom so the X would fit in it. The phone does work with the case once I got it to fit, and I made an interesting discovery. iOS 12.1.2 already has the icon for an iPhone X style battery case. For the time being, I have to figure out how to combine the electronics of this case with an iPhone X case.”

A few weeks ago, alleged images of Apple’s upcoming Smart Battery Case for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR models were discovered, making it the first time we could see the Smart Battery Case for the larger iPhone as well. A recently leaked Apple marketing documentation also showed the company is indeed planning a Smart Battery Case for the newest iPhones.

Below are some more images of the hack job. Take a look and let us know if you’d be willing to attempt something like this.