iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max Review Roundup: Should You Upgrade in 2018? [LIST]

Apple’s embargo has lifted on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max reviews, as select media outlets provided units to go hands-on with (for less than a week) have published their reviews.

Iphone xs iphone xs max

Here’s a quick roundup of the reviews published so far, which should provide you with ample reading leading up to Friday’s iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max launch:

Overall, the reviews note the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are definitely “S” upgrades, and those with an iPhone X should only update if they’re jonesing for the latest iPhone. People are also urged to wait to see what the iPhone XR holds (it doesn’t launch until later in October).

We’ll keep updating this post as more reviews come in. We have our own iPhone XS Max coming this Friday and we’ll share our early thoughts shortly afterwards as well.