iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9: Professional Drop Test Machine Edition [VIDEO]

YouTube channel PhoneBuff has published a video today putting Apple’s iPhone XS Max against the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, in a drop test, using their professional drop test machine.

Iphone xs max drop test

Apple boldly claimed at their special event earlier this month the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max has the “most durable glass ever in a smartphone.” This line has spurred more drop tests than usual as YouTubers try to verify Apple’s claims (#imherefortheviews).

Each phone faced a drop onto its back, corner and front screen. The special bonus round saw at the iPhone XS Max drop ten times at just under five feet. At three bonus drops, the towel was thrown in on the XS Max, as the top part of the display saw Multitouch go wonky.

Despite scoring three perfect scores of ten against the Galaxy Note 9 in the first three rounds, the iPhone XS Max ‘lost’ in the bonus round, which lowered its overall score to 36, versus the Galaxy Note 9 at 37.

In an email to iPhone in Canada, PhoneBuff founder David Rahimi said, “In our test, we found that the iPhone XS Max’s glass generally held up better than the Note 9’s. However, the Note 9 does seem to be better when it comes to impact and shock resistance.”

Click here to watch PhoneBuff’s iPhone XS Max versus Galaxy Note 9 speed test video.

Bonus videoJerryRigEverything today also posted a casual drop test, this time testing out the iPhone XS, saying he’s “super, super impressed” with this latest model’s drop resistance, compared to his iPhone X drop test last year: