iPhoneNow.ca Update: Accused Jailed on Charges

A long time ago, when the iPhone 3G was not released in Canada, people were very desperate to get their hands on Apple’s latest toy. People who weren’t able to buy an iPhone from the USA and unlock back home were eager to get their hands on the iPhone. It was this desperation that some people in society jump on and take full advantage of. This was the case with one of iPhoneinCanada.ca’s most commented posts on Buying an iPhone from iPhoneNow.ca.

iPhoneNow.ca launched a very legitimate-looking website that enticed Canadians to drop up to $699 on an unlocked iPhone from the USA (this woman lost $3000). I can only imagine how many people actually went through with this, but from the feedback my other post received many people did fall for this scam. After placing their orders, the only thing people were left with was an empty wallet and a mindset of anger and rage.

This frustration turned to the media, where the Vancouver Sun wrote an article investigating iPhoneNow.ca. Well, it turns out that article enabled the Port Coquitlam RCMP ended up searching and seizing computers from a home belonging to Scott Frederick Byers, aka Joshua Trousdale. iPhoneNow.ca at this point in time had shut down.

Well it turns out that Mr. Byers/Trousdale has now ended up in jail on charges of uttering forged documents and obstruction of justice. He appeared yesterday in Vancouver Provincial Court and plead no guilty. This case was assisted heavily by the public when the media asked for help. It’s only a matter of time before justice will be served. As for those who lost money in this iPhone scam, it was a tough pill to swallow but a strong lesson learned to be careful when shopping online.

Were you affected by iPhoneNow.ca? Did you ever get your money back?

[Vancouver Sun]

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