iPhones From China–iPhones to China!

We’ve seen a lot of stories lately about the iPhone. If you remembered my post behind the iPhone “SIM” solutions you’re going to enjoy reading about the iPhone grey market in China.

The New York Times recently wrote about the massive grey market there. As you may already know, millions of iPhones are manufactured in China. Once they are exported to the USA, they are smuggled back into China. Yes, that’s right. Made in China, then smuggled back in. It’s kind of funny when you think about it.

People have been asking friends, relatives, and tour guides to the States to bring back iPhones for them. Even airline crews have been paid money to help smuggle back iPhones. This is not a surprise, as it was recently revealed by China Mobile that there are roughly 400,000 iPhones in China–yes, 400,000!

It would be interesting to see how many iPhones there are in Canada right now. Apple says they sold about 3.7 million iPhones, yet only 2.3 million are registered in the USA and Europe. Gee, the iPhone really gets around, huh?


So here’s my scientific survey:

Do you own an unlocked iPhone in Canada?

  • Yes!
  • No. 🙁

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