iPod Nano Jailbreak on the Horizon?

When the new iPod Nano was announced, earlier this year, There was speculation that the new touch screen iPod Nano would be running some form of iOS and that it might be able to be jailbroken. Once it was in people’s hands it was quickly determined that, it does not run iOS, but just a familiar looking OS, proprietary to the iPod Nano.

A hacker by the name of J Whelton, has launched a new blog, www.NanoHack.me, where he talks about certain modifications he has made to the iPod Nano OS. Nothing huge, so far, but he was able to remove the Photos app, leaving a blank space on the screen, where the icon used to be. He says this is just a simple springboard hack, and is not a full jailbreak of the device, but if someone could build a bootloader for it, there is some potential to enable many more features.

In a plist file on the iPod Nano jwhelton found entries for Movies, TV Shows, and more:

JWhelton also posted this video to show that his pictures were not photoshopped:

If we do see a full jailbreak for the iPod Nano, this could make this a much more useful device. Although, the tiny screen isn’t good for very much, it would still be nice to have some options. To keep up to date with this hack, follow @jwhelton on Twitter, and check in with his blog, www.NanoHack.me.