Jony Ive Discusses The Design Work Put Into Apple’s Earpods

We told you earlier that Apple announced and released their new headphones “Earpods” to the public. Apple has never really made changes to the earbuds of their headphones and today that has changed.

Apple has posted a video to their website explaining the design process and the reasoning for the release of Earpods. In a just under two-minute long video, Jony Ive takes us through the thoughts and troubles Apple had attempting to re-create their earbuds.

The video you just watched was actually played to all the attendees at the event. Jony Ive explains that the “human ear is so unique” and that attempting to make one headphone fit everybody’s ear would be like “trying to make one pair of shoes fit everybody’s feet.”

With Earpods, Apple did just that. They created headphones that will virtually fit inside anyone’s ear comfortably. The design is “focused on creating incredible sound” says Ive.

Trying to design headphones that fit well in everyone’s ear is a hard feat. Designers had to three-dimensionally scan hundreds of ears to find a single common aspect. The video provides a more in-depth description on the technical details if you are interested.

You can buy Earpods today for $35.00 on the Apple store. They include a remote and mic; shipping estimate is within 1 to 3 days.

 [via 9To5Mac/picture via Engadget]