Koodo Refurb 8GB iPhone 5c: $200 Outright After Referral Credit [u]

Koodo right now has refurbished 8GB iPhone 5c models available for $0 on a Tab ($5/month charge; works out to $120) starting on a minimum required $25/month plan, or $200 outright, available in blue or white, online only.

Koodo iphone 5c

If you apply Koodo’s referral bill credit promo which offers $50 (instead of $25; until August 15th), that reduces the price down to $70 on contract–for a refurbished iPhone 5c. (Update: referral credit cannot be applied to outright iPhone 5c).

The details explain “These phones have minor cosmetic damages, like a scratch or two along the sides, but nothing major. They come in a range of conditions.”

After 90 days on contract, you can unlock the device for $35. Or just start using an outright unit on BYOD on TELUS or Koodo.

Again, we’re talking about a paltry 8GB of storage here on an old iPhone 5c, so it’s not a lot once iOS itself is taken into consideration. But if you want to get a ‘simple’ iPhone for the kids, your parents or grandparents, or a spare burner device, this might get you into iOS for ‘cheap’. Food for thought!

**runs into flame suit and hides**

[via RFD]