LG Cellphone Catches Fire Aboard Air Canada Flight, Woman Injured

When it comes to smartphone fires, Samsung clearly is the leader in the category, but in a case this morning, it was an LG smartphone that lit up aboard an Air Canada flight at its gate.

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Flight AC101, with 266 passengers on board, was ready to depart Toronto Pearson Airport to Vancouver, when a woman’s LG smartphone caught on fire, reports Global News. The woman suffered burns to her hands from the smartphone, which caused a small fire aboard the plan, which had to be cleaned up.

According to passenger Julia Cockerill, who was on the flight:

Exciting start to Vancouver flight. A woman’s cell phone just caught on fire just prior to take off
They had to put out the small fire, take her off for burns to her hands and clean up the plane. It was quite smelly so doors were opened and finally our row and some others were replaced. I think it will be about an hour’s delay. Glad it happened on the ground!!!

The woman who suffered minor injuries, was treated by paramedics before walking off the plane herself, before departing to hospital. The plane itself suffered no damage, aside from needing clean up from fire extinguisher residue, said Air Canada.

According to Peel Regional Police, the small smartphone fire caused burns to the woman’s body and her clothing; the fire was not criminal in nature, note police.

When word broke out on social media a smartphone caught fire aboard an Air Canada flight, many thought it might have been an iPhone or a Samsung smartphone. But Peel Regional Policed noted it was an LG smartphone.

Smartphone fires aboard an aircraft are no joke–good thing the flight was still on the ground.