LG TVs with NFT Platform Turn Living Rooms into Art Galleries

With an Integrated NFT Market Place, the new LG Art Lab is introducing an innovative way for enthusiasts to enjoy and trade digital art on LG’s premium smart TVs.

2022 65 C2 LG Art Lab

Now available in the U.S. on LG TVs running webOS 5.0 or later, the LG Art Lab is the company’s own NFT platform accessible directly from the Home Screen. Users can buy, sell, and display high-quality digital artwork on LG’s state-of-the-art TVs.

The platform also includes the LG Art Lab Drops feature, which profiles artists and previews new works coming soon to the platform. Meanwhile, the real-time Live Drops countdown ensures users never miss an opportunity to acquire a ‘just dropped’ NFT.

Once purchased, an NFT can be traded on LG Art Lab Marketplace, where users can easily view transaction history, while in My Collection they can admire all of their owned artworks.

When displayed on the cinematic, 16:9 aspect ratio screens of LG’s TVs, NFTs come fully to life – especially on the company’s OLED TVs, which leverage self-lit pixels to deliver infinite contrast.

A treat for fans of contemporary art, LG Art Lab welcomes the first-ever digital artwork from well-known sculptor Barry X Ball.

Famous for reinterpreting classical and modernist sculptures using the latest 3D scanning and printing technologies, as well as traditional techniques, Barry X Ball is now making his exciting debut in the world of NFT art with unique ‘Metal’ series digital works.

LG’s next-gen TVs have already featured in several high-profile events on the art world calendar, including the recently-held Frieze Seoul.