M1 Ultra Mac Studio vs. M1 Max Mac Studio [Benchmarks]

PCMag hardware analyst Brian Westover has recently performed a benchmark test, comparing the Apple M1 Max and M1 Ultra chips, to find out how much more powerful is the new M1 Ultra available as an optional extra in the new Mac Studio desktop.

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While the M1 Max Mac Studio remains fairly close to the M1 Max MacBook Pro when it comes to performance, the Mac Studio truly shines when you look at the amazing performance results seen from the M1 Ultra tests.

Here’s how much the M1 Ultra Mac Studio outperformed the M1 Max Mac Studio:


  • With twice the horsepower rendering visuals, the M1 Ultra dominated almost every graphics test run.
  • Testing processing power, the M1 Max Mac Studio notched a respectable 4:49 minutes in this test, holding its own against other high-end mini PCs, while the M1 Ultra Mac Studio blew that result out of the water, cutting the time down to 2:34 minutes
  • For CPU-driven tests, benchmarks how scores nearly double on the M1 Ultra.



In browser suitability tests for advanced web applications, however, far less variation was seen between the M1 Max and M1 Ultra. At times, the M1 Ultra fell just behind the M1 Max.

“In JetStream 2, the higher-powered M1 Ultra scored 233 points, versus the M1 Max model, which scored 265. Both are significantly higher scores than you’ll see on models with a basic M1 CPU, but the horsepower of the M1 Ultra doesn’t translate into improved browser performance, even in advanced uses.”

For more detailed results and benchmarks, hit up the source page.