MacStories Custom Shortcuts for Apple’s Shortcuts App Not Working Anymore

For the past couple of years, the folks over at MacStories have had a dedicated repository for shortcuts called the MacStories Shortcuts Archive, containing 150 custom shortcuts for Apple’s Shortcuts app. Sadly, none of the links to these shortcuts are working anymore.

Currently, all MacStories shortcuts links dating as far as last week have all been invalidated. Users have tested these on iOS 14.4, 14.5 beta 4, and 14.5 beta 5 with no luck. However, any links created today seem to work just fine.

“3 years of Shortcuts URLs are broken on @macstoriesnet right now,” tweeted Viticci.

“Beyond the 229 shortcuts in the Archive, dozens of blog posts from our Shortcuts coverage have broken links. Like I said, I hope this is a bug and a fix is coming,” he continued.

The issue appears to be widespread and is not just limited to the MacStories Shortcuts Archive. Apple has not yet issued any comment regarding the matter.