Microsoft Announces OneDrive Personal Vault with Support for iOS

Microsoft has today announced the launch of a new layer of security for OneDrive personal accounts called ‘OneDrive Personal Vault’ in order to further protect the most sensitive and important files across desktop and mobile. iOS users can use the OneDrive app to scan documents or take pictures directly into their Personal Vault as well.

OneDrive Personal Vault 2

Microsoft describes the Personal Vault as a protected area in OneDrive that you can only access with a strong authentication method or a second step of identity verification, such as Touch ID, Face ID, PIN, or a code sent to you via email or SMS.

Personal Vault automatically relocks on your PC, device, or online after a short period of inactivity. Once locked, any files you were using will also lock and require reauthentication to access.

For iOS users, the new feature makes it easy to scan important travel, identification, vehicle, home, insurance documents, and more directly into the Personal Vault and then access these documents wherever they go.

Personal Vault uses more than just two-step verification to help keep your files safe and private. On Windows 10 PCs, OneDrive syncs your Personal Vault files to a BitLocker-encrypted area of your local hard drive. And like all files in OneDrive, the contents of your Personal Vault are encrypted at-rest in the Microsoft cloud and in-transit to your device. For further protection on mobile devices, we recommend that you enable encryption on your iOS or Android device.

At the same time, Microsoft has also increased the OneDrive standalone storage plan from 50 GB to 100 GB at no additional charge, with more storage options for Office 365 subscribers as per their need. Hit up this link to learn more.