Microsoft Surfaces Their New Tablet on October 26: Phone Coming Next


The company best-known these days for not committing to a release date but always promising that one is coming has finally announced that their first self-branded entry into the tablet market will hit store shelves beginning on October 26. As analysts and consumers watch this release carefully, the question becomes whether Microsoft has an iPhone competitor up their sleeve to deliver as their next trick.

The parallel release of Windows 8 opens up all new potential for a Windows-based smartphone, the first of which being the Nokia Lumia 920. If you were hoping to get your hands on one of these phone in Canada anytime soon, you are going to be disappointed —no release date has been given for this side of the border; a move that may very well be a mistake for the hoping-to-be-comeback-king, Nokia.

Ed: Rogers has announced they will carry the Lumia 920 in November.

It is unlikely that Apple is too worried just yet. Pricing for the tablet hasn’t been announced, the details of which will indicate just how competitive Microsoft intends to be with existing Apple mobile devices.

For those keeping score, it may be more of a concern to Apple that Microsoft is re-entering the retail store game with a presence of their own. This boutique-style technology destination store is a model that Apple has had success with but whether it translates well to the Microsoft product offering remains to be seen (keeping in mind that so much of Microsoft’s hardware software and accessories market is supplied by third-parties).