Designer Creates Mockups of ‘iPhone 5 Mini’, Thinner ‘iPad 5’ [PICS]

iphones in 2013

(via Martin Hajek’s Flickr page)

Rumours this year have suddenly shifted towards the anticipation of Apple releasing a less expensive iPhone for emerging markets, with both the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg further fuelling the fire. The most recent report from Digitimes claimed the chassis of this less-expensive iPhone would consist of a hybrid combination of plastic and metal.

Designer Martin Hajek has sent a few mockups to NoWhereElse to illustrate what he thinks a cheaper iPhone would look like based on the design cues of the iPhone 5. Check them out below:

IPhone Mini 2

IPhone Mini 1

IPhone Mini 5

Essentially the size looks to be the same as the iPhone 4/4S, but with the thinner aspects of the iPhone 5.

The rest of Hajek’s Flickr gallery also shows some stunning mockups, such as a larger ‘iPad 5’ based on the thinness of the iPad mini. Going from the iPad mini to the iPad, you will then realize just how much heavier the latter is:

ipad 5 mockup

ipad 5 mockup 2

What do you think of these ‘iPhone 5 mini’ and ‘iPad 5’ mockups? Earlier today, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo laid out his predictions for Apple’s 2013 product offerings.