My Free iPhone 4 Case, Speck ‘Fitted’ Reviewed

So, instead of choosing a Bumper I chose to get a full case. This was for a couple of reasons. One, I’m a terrible klutz and feel like I need a bit more protection than the bumper offers, and two (and I hate to admit this), I actually like full cases as sort of fashion accessories – dammit. I’m so girlie.

Anyways, the case I chose was the Speck ‘Fitted’ Case, as it had the two requirements of what I was looking for which was hard-shell style full-cover (as opposed to the cases that are just sides/back cover) and it had a neato pattern on it! When I originally ordered it, the confirmation date I was given was September 4th, however, my case arrived last week. Lucky me.
Here are a couple of photos of it.

Firstly, I want to say I’m proud of Apple for giving us many options to choose from in the Free Case program. While I do feel a bit like I took advantage of the situation as I never had any antenna issues, I’m pretty sure this is the case with 99% of Canadians, am I right? Still, I got a high-quality, good looking case for free, so I’m appreciative.

That doesn’t mean I’m not without criticisms. But first, some praise. This case is well designed, and obviously made from high-quality products. it fits perfectly on the iPhone 4 and is so snug and thin that it barely adds any weight or bulk to it at all. The fabric back ads a sort of friction that’s missing otherwise (does anyone find the glass to be super slippery, or is that just me being klutzy again?), and the front part offers a beveled edge so I don’t have to worry if I put my iPhone down face-first. Snapping the case on was a breeze… taking the thing off however, was a whole ‘nother story.

I wish I had seen the tutorial plastered all over the product page that gave me some idea on how to take this thing off. I nearly broke it (I think) trying to use a safety pin to latch the side and yank. Oy, it took me almost 10 full minutes of prying and pulling to finally remove it. With the ‘Gift Card’ method as shown on the site however, I can pretty much do it in under a minute, but it’s still no easy feat. I think that they probably have that video up because others have the same issue as me *shrug*.

Not entirely important to everyone, but as I did mention it earlier, this case is really fashionable too. It comes it a bunch of different styles, and I’ll let you know that in the week I’ve owned it I’d have two separate people compliment me on it. So, that’s nice!

So the regular retail price for this case is $29.99 USD, and is it worth it? Yes. I’d totally pay thirty bucks for a case of this quality and whatnot. However, if you can, try to find them in-store because shipping to Canada is going to run you an extra $18 USD or so (Yowch!).


I’ve got another few cases to review and giveaway this upcoming week, so stay tuned!

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