Nest to Require All Customers to Use Two-Factor Authentication

Google has announced in an official blog post that starting this spring, all Nest home security system users will need to use two-factor authentication and verify their identity via email. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of an unauthorized person gaining access to a Nest account.

Google details that when a new login into your account is initiated, users will receive an email from with a six-digit verification code. “That code will be used to make sure it’s you trying to login. Without it, you won’t be able to access your account,” notes the company:

“We’re always exploring how to protect your privacy and security while also giving you control over the ease of access to your account and what you share. An extra layer of defense gives you more control over your home devices in the long run by making sure only trusted people and devices can use them.”

Google has recently added email notifications for login attempts as well. Each time someone logs into your Nest account, you’ll receive a notification email. If you don’t recognize the login attempt, you can take the appropriate defensive action.