The New Apple TV’s Primary Selling Point Will Be Games: NYT

The New York Times tonight has seemingly corroborated previous reports the next-generation Apple TV will be focused on games, as its major selling point:

Apple is expected to make games a primary selling point of its new Apple TV product, which is scheduled to be announced on Wednesday in San Francisco, according to people briefed on Apple’s plans who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Sources say the Apple TV 4 will have all the necessities for a gaming experience: more power for better graphics, a new motion sensitive remote/controller, plus an App Store to download and purchase games.

As for the price of the said Apple TV, expected to debut on Wednesday, it will “have a starting price around $150”, which we previously heard from 9to5Mac. One major feature of the Apple TV is expected to be a useful universal search feature powered by Siri, when the unit reportedly hits shelves in October.