Meta Rolls Out New Facebook Groups Features

At its sixth annual Facebook Communities Summit today, Meta has announced some new updates to Facebook Groups, enabling Canadians to engage with curated experiences that build and drive culture.


Most people on Facebook are members of at least 15 active groups, and there are more than 100 million group joins every day, according to Meta.

As people come to Facebook to discover content and communities, the company is adding more ways to connect over shared interests.

  • Reels in Groups let you express your voice in your communities through creative and immersive videos. With Reels now in Groups, community members can share information, tell stories and connect on a deeper level. Imagine people in a makeup-obsessed group sharing their latest techniques and beauty finds with fellow members. Group admins and members can also add creative elements such as audio, text overlay, and filters on top of their videos before sharing to bring their stories to life.
  • The ability to share a public Facebook event for your community to your Instagram story. Whether you’re a group admin hosting a meet-up to celebrate a community milestone, or a group member sharing your passion with friends, this feature can help you showcase your community more broadly.
  • We’re testing updates to your Group profile to make it easier to foster community relationships and connect with other members. With these new updates you can:
    • Customize the information in your About Me section to highlight the information you want to share with your community. This can help both admins and members learn more about one another and create content that best reflects the group’s interests.
    • Add an indicator to your profile if you’re open to messaging. This can help other like-minded members know that you’re willing to connect over shared interests.


Admins now also have new tools to help them effectively manage and drive their group’s culture forward in engaging, useful, and responsible ways.

We’re testing a new way for admins to highlight top contributing members, who can earn points by taking on a role in the community, or for receiving reactions and comments on posts.

To help admins stay up-to-date with Admin Assist, we’re launching Admin Assist Daily Digest – a new daily summary of actions taken based on the criteria admins have set.

Group admins can now automatically move posts containing information rated as false by third-party fact-checkers to pending posts so that the admins can review the posts before deleting them.