New Rumour Claims That Apple Won’t Include ‘iPad Air 3’ In Fall Lineup


A new rumour repeats the questionable assertion that there will be no new iPad Air released this fall, only a faster “iPad mini 4.”

The report notes that this is due to Apple’s alleged conservativeness about tablets. A source told DigiTimes that the updated iPad mini is effectively ready to go, and Apple’s supply chain is already preparing components for the device.

“The sources pointed out that Apple has turned conservative about its tablet product line and is not planning to release a next-generation model to replace the existing iPad Air tablet; however, Apple is ready to release its fourth-generation iPad mini and the related supply chain is already preparing the device’s components. The fourth-generation model will only have a few small upgrades from the third-generation one.”

Another Taiwanese publication made similar claims in July, but further suggested that the “iPad mini 4” would be the last-ever iPad mini. The report argued that their will be no “iPad Air 3” this year in order to focus on the 12.9-inch “iPad Pro.” By focusing on these two products, it is possible that Apple will also alleviate some pressure on Foxconn and other manufacturing partners.

Even though the tablet market has softened considerably in the past few years, the iPad still remains the most popular individual tablet worldwide. However, Apple has seen sales of the device consistently decline for several quarters.

Much of this has been blamed on the growing popularity of smartphones with larger displays, as Apple’s own iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which is big enough to fulfill many of the same purposes as a tablet for most people.