Nomad Launches Leather Skins, Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone 12

Accessory maker Nomad has launched its premium USA-made Horween leather skins for the iPhone 12 series, that shield the back of your phone from dings and scratches without adding extra bulk to the device.


Nomad’s new Leather Skin promises to provide a layer of protection “that goes unnoticed until you catch the timeless patina of the Horween Leather,” while also giving you the unencumbered feel of life without a case.

The skin features a 3M peel and stick adhesive that applies seamlessly to your phone without leaving a sticky residue. It contours around the camera with perfect precision, and is fully compatible with MagSafe.

Skin 2

Available in Rustic Brown and black, the Nomad Leather Skin for iPhone 12 can be ordered online for $29.95 USD each.

Alongside the skins, Nomad has also introduced its own Japanese-made tempered glass screen protectors for the iPhone 12 series. These glass protectors are ultra-slim at 0.33mm and have an oleophobic coating to reduce smudges for “excellent transparency in all light conditions.” Nomad’s glass screen protectors are now available to order for $24.95 USD.