Ontario Plans to Introduce Cellphone Protection Plan for Consumers

Looks like David Orazietti, the MPP for Sault Ste. Marie, has plans to introduce legislation to protect Ontario wireless users. He has proposed a plan to allow users to cancel contracts at any time with imposed limits on cancellation fees:

“Millions of Ontarians subscribe to wireless phone services and, given the unwillingness of the federal government to protect consumers from costly one-side contracts, we are moving forward with important legislation that reaches the same objectives as those proposed in two bills I previously introduced,”

“This is a pocketbook issue that consumers want addressed, and our government bill contains measures that will reduce costs, cap cancellation fees, prevent automatic renewal and make cell phone contracts considerably more fair and transparent.”

Currently, Manitoba and Quebec have cellphone legislation in place to protect consumers. WIND has been trying to lobby changes in Ontario over cancellation fees since last year. In January, Rogers introduced revised cancellation fees, and Telus did the same last year.

What do you think? Is legislation required to make cellphone contracts more transparent?

[via the Globe and Mail]