Peloton Expands Apple Watch Support Across its Platforms

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Peloton announced on Wednesday it has expanded its Apple Watch features across its platform, to make it easier to track metrics on the Apple wearable during classes on the company’s Bike, Bike+, Tread and iOS app.

New Apple Watch tracking brings heart rate metrics to Peloton anytime they start a workout. Peloton explained in an email to iPhone in Canada members will be able to track how much time is spent in each heart rate zone. Members will also be able to track performance across workouts as well.

The update to the Peloton app lets members easily connect their Apple Watch to the company’s Bike, Bike+, Tread, iPhone or iPad app with one-tap on their watch to get started.

Previously, to connect Apple Watch to Peloton hardware, it was only available on the company’s Bike+ with Apple GymKit.

“This update makes it even more seamless for Members to track their progress across Peloton’s 10+ fitness disciplines,” explained the company in an email. Peloton says members can try out this new Apple Watch feature today, as part of the company’s 100 day home trial for their Peloton Bike, Bike+ and Tread, which includes a full money back guarantee.