Pinterest Hires Former Apple Veteran Susan Kare

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Pinterest has today announced that it has hired creative professional and former Apple veteran Susan Kare as a product design lead. According to ZDNet, the startup has specifically highlighted Kare’s portfolio of work from Apple, describing her as “the pioneer behind iconic designs like the original Macintosh icons Lasso, the Grabber, and the Paint Bucket, and the first typefaces like Chicago”.

“Kare demonstrated loyalty to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs by following him to his now-defunct software company NeXt, where as creative director she became the 10th employee. Kare eventually founded her own agency, Susan Kare Design, which went on to produce some familiar prints, such as Microsoft’s Solitaire cards and Facebook’s virtual gifts.

At Pinterest — where she actually started officially earlier this week — Kare will be one of the Creative team leads responsible for the digital scrapbooking platform’s interface.”

The source notes that Kare will reporting to Pinterest’s head of product design and also Apple veteran Bob Baxley. Pinterest has also recently publishing its hiring goals for 2016 to boost diversity for women and minorities, especially in engineering roles.

The San Francisco-based startup is said to boost hiring rates for full-time engineers to at least 30% female and eight% from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds.