PRESTO iPhone App Update Finally Brings Real-Time Card Reloads and More

Presto iphone app

Last month we told you beta testers of the PRESTO iPhone app gained the ability to reload cards in real-time and check balances instantly. Now, this highly anticipated update for the PRESTO iOS app is available for download.

The update means PRESTO iOS users can now reload their cards by tapping them to the back of their iPhone where the near-field communication (NFC) chip is located. This capability was available to Android users for a while now, but Apple only recently allowed developers access to NFC.

The ability to reload your PRESTO card or check balances is available on an iPhone 7 or newer, running iOS 13 or later, according to Metrolinx. This new functionality means iPhone users can reload PRESTO cards from anywhere.

Today also brings an update to the PRESTO Android app, adding Google Pay as an option to pay.

Metrolinx says its app has been downloaded nearly 1 million times since its launch in 2019, by its travellers in Greater Toronto, Ottawa and Hamilton areas.

The next step for PRESTO would be to integrate its card into Apple’s Wallet app, allowing users to ditch physical cards and just tap to pay with their iPhone, which is already part of the company’s mobile roadmap from 2018.

Click here to download PRESTO for iPhone in the App Store.