Developers Will Need to Add Privacy ‘Nutrition Labels’ to iOS Apps Starting Dec. 8

Earlier this year, Apple said that it will require developers to add privacy “nutrition labels” to their apps, and today, the company has announced starting December 8, all apps will need to have these labels, which list what information that app collects and present it visually on the app page (via The Verge).

Privacy labels

Similar to conventional nutrition labels, these privacy labels will give you a better idea of what’s going on inside an app before you download it from the App Store. For example, if an app needs to know your precise location to work, you’ll know that before you even download it.

“If GPS functionality is ever removed from the app, a new label will have to reflect that. Apple does offer some exceptions when these label disclosures are optional, but the important thing to know that if an app intends to track you consistently, you’ll know about it before it’s on your phone.”

Apple’s Developer also notes that developers will be required to disclose all the information they and their third-party partners collect and keep their “labels” up to date.

You can get more information on Apple’s website at this link.