‘Roku TV Ready’ Ensures Seamless Integration Between Roku TV Models and Accesories

Roku has announced the Roku TV Ready program, designed to ensure that there’s seamless integration between Roku TV models and accessories like receivers and soundbars.

According to a new report from TechCrunch, Roku has been working hard to expand beyond streaming boxes. First, the company introduced Roku TVs, then it introduced both a soundbar and a subwoofer. Now, the company is making it easier for consumers to use audio equipment with its TVs through a new program called Roku TV Ready.

The program will ensure that when you connect your device to a Roku TV, it recognizes it for an easy setup process and control with your Roku remote. The aim is to have the TV automatically configure for the device that you’ve attached, a soundbar for example, so there’s no messing around with trying to get various settings it to work.

“Our goal is to make the TV experience incredibly simple, accessible, and fun. Roku devices continue to delight millions of consumers for these reasons. And now with this new program, we hope to make it super easy to set up and control soundbars and audio/video receivers using just a Roku TV remote,” said Mark Ely, Vice President of Retail Product Strategy at Roku. “Meanwhile, consumer electronics brands benefit by offering their products in a more appealing way to our large and engaged audience.”

The first manufacturer on the list is TCL, which has committed to releasing at least one Roku soundbar in 2020. Audio company Denon has also promised to launch some Roku TV Ready audio products as well, allowing users to control their high-quality sound machines from the Roku TV Remote.

In practice, the new program means that if you’ve got a Roku TV Ready soundbar connected to your Roku TV, you can essentially put its remote in a drawer somewhere. All parameters will be available from the TV’s on-screen menu, and all control can be handled with the Roku TV remote. Roku TV Ready features are expected to be delivered to Roku TV models via the Roku operating system in the coming year.

Roku TV Ready is separate from the Roku Ready TV program introduced in 2013 which was designed to pair “compatible” TVs with Roku’s streaming boxes.