Samsung Launches ‘iTest’ Experience, Enabling iPhone Users to Test Android OS

Samsung has launched a new web-based interactive experience directed towards iPhone users. ‘iTest‘ has been created to allow iPhone users to try out the Android operating system on a Galaxy device prior to making a purchase decision.

iTest rolled out in New Zealand and was first reported on by MacRumors after a reader stumbled upon the experience. Navigating to the website on an iPhone, the user will be prompted to install the web app to the Home screen. Following that, the user will be able to open a simulated Android experience from the perspective of a Galaxy smartphone.

When looking at the authenticity, Samsung has fully recreated the stock Android experience. Users can navigate the Home screen and delve into a series of mock-up apps, simulating the real thing. Users can jump around from the Galaxy Store, apply Galaxy Themes, and look into the Gallery app as well.

Samsung has also simulated phone calls and messages. Users can receive calls that highlight core Galaxy features. On the Messages app, photographer Logan Dodds will walk users through camera options and highlight additional features. Samsung even included a few tongue-in-cheek jokes throughout, including one message that reads “Welcome to the other side”.

It’s a fairly unique and interesting experience to be taken through. Samsung included a breadth of content to assist potential Android adopters in discovering whether or not the OS is for them. It’s fairly common to hear iPhone users talk about the hesitation to learning a whole new OS or vice versa with longtime Android users.

Although iTest has launched in New Zealand, anyone can navigate towards the web app and begin using it. It’s fairly accessible a most certainly more affordable than outright purchasing a Galaxy device right off the hop without learning about its features.