Samsung Demands Olympic Athletes Cover Apple Logos on iPhones

With the Winter Olympics set to kick off this week in Sochi, sponsor Samsung has been ponying up Galaxy Note 3 smartphones into athlete goodie bags, part of its “Samsung Smart Olympic Games” initiative, which has the Note 3 being named the ‘Olympic Games phone’.

But this freebie comes with some stipulations, as apparently the South Korean conglomerate wants Olympians to cover up logos on their iPhones at the opening ceremonies, so their competition doesn’t get any airtime on television, based on info spilled by the Swiss Olympic team (via SlashGear).

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According to Bluewin, the use of the Galaxy Note 3 by athletes comes with guidelines, according to the following Google Translation:

Other sponsors of the Winter Games give the athletes turn toiletries, and the latest smartphones. On the gifts but also demands are linked. Olympic sponsor Samsung wants to see the opening ceremony no competition items in your TV picture. Those who want to attend the ceremony on Friday at the invasion photos or videos with a competing product which has to cover for example the apple logo.

Samsung also has sponsored its own Galaxy Team of Olympic hopefuls which consists of over 80 athletes from 20 countries.

It’s understandable Samsung wants their products to shine front and centre at the opening ceremonies, but to ask people to cover up the logos on their personal smartphones is a bit much, don’t you think?