Samsung Prompts Appeals Court to Overturn $120M Damages Award for Apple

Samsung was busy trying to convince the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington on Tuesday that its products don’t violate Apple’s three patents; hence, it isn’t liable to pay $120 million in damages to the iPhone maker (via Reuters).


The ruling dates back to 2014, when a federal court in San Jose, California, ordered Samsung to pay $119.6 million for infringing three Apple patents: slide-to-unlock, autocorrect, and quick links.

Today, Samsung attorney Kathleen Sullivan spent more than an hour arguing that Samsung did not use Apple’s technology to detect and link to specific data such as phone numbers in the web browser and/or messenger.

It is worth noting that the “quick links” patent accounts for the majority ($98 million) of the damages award issued by the San Jose court.

Apple’s lawyer, on the other hand, had told the court that the jury’s verdict was supported by “substantial evidence,” but two of the three judges at the hearing apparently questioned Apple’s arguments over the interpretation of the patent.

This is only one of the patent lawsuits the two tech giants have filed against each other. In a separate suit, Samsung was ordered to pay $548 million in damages, but the South Korean manufacturer continues its legal battle hoping to further reduce the damages award.