Apple Airs New ‘Shot on iPhone’ Ads, Includes this Canadian Squirrel [VIDEOS]

Apple has shared a couple new ‘Shot on iPhone’ ads, part of its campaign where videos shot by customers are chosen for short ad spots.

One of the two videos uploaded to the company’s YouTube channel features an up close shot of a squirrel in Greater Sudbury, trying to stuff a massive peanut in the shell into its mouth, filmed by Linda H.:

Screenshot 2016 07 18 11 53 49

Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada by Linda H.

The second ad, features another macro shot, this time of an ant doing its thing, in Israel:

Tel-Aviv, Israel, by Tim W.

Apple’s ad shorts from the ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign have previously been seen on the company’s Instagram ad campaigns, and these could also make the cut, soon.

Earlier this year, Apple launched a ‘Shot on iPhone’ Mother’s Day campaign, allowing customers to create their own ads for mom.