Siri Creators Launch Kasisto, a Virtual Personal Assistant for Enterprise

The researchers behind the original Siri app, SRI International, today launched Kasisto, an enterprise-level version of the mobile virtual personal assistant (via Re/code).

Since Siri first started speaking in the iPhone 4s in 2010, the demand for mobile conversation has risen, and we’ve seen how Apple has slowly but surely added new abilities to the built-in virtual private assistant.

Kasisto screenshot 1

Kasisto takes this interaction to a new level by allowing enterprises to integrate branded conversational virtual personal assistants into their mobile apps within days or weeks at a fraction of the cost of solutions currently in the market, the company announcement says without mentioning any price tags.

“Virtual personal assistant technology has revolutionized consumer interaction with mobile devices,” said Norman Winarsky, Ph.D., vice president, SRI Ventures. “Now consumers expect a more human-like experience when interacting online. Kasisto represents a new user experience—one that is context aware, personalized, and more effective.”

As the press release highlights, the new venture’s first clients will come from the financial services industry, with BBVA being a strategic partner of the venture.

“BBVA is committed to moving the banking industry into the 21st century, and our collaboration with Kasisto moves that vision forward,” said Dave Kucera, director of Innovation for BBVA’s U.S. unit, BBVA Compass. “Our commitment is to innovation and to the best technologies that enhance customer experience. We expect our work with Kasisto will do just that for us, and for other banks as well. ”

Kasisto, the enterprise version of Siri, was unveiled yesterday at the FinTech Innovation Lab Demo Day in New York City.