Slack Passes 3 Million Daily Active Users, 930K Paying Customers


Slack announced that its team communication app is seeing continued growth, with more than 3 million daily active users, which is up 1 million from six months ago. The company also has 930,000 paid seats, which is up 31 percent from February, when it reported 675,000 paid seats.

Slack has also hired former Salesforce senior vice president for commercial sales in Asia Pacific Robert Frati as its vice president of sales, which is noteworthy since the company claims 77 of the Fortune 100 companies use its product.

The addition of a highly skilled executive will help the company bring the communication app into more businesses besides startups and other collaborative environments.

Slack has been on a steady growth spurt over the past year, practically adding 1 million daily active users every 6 months. The company also announced that more than 2 million users are connected to Slack’s app simultaneously.

[via Recode]