Sonos One Gets 5 New Colours Designed by HAY, Pricing at $279 in Canada [u]

Wireless speaker company Sonos has announced a new collaboration with Danish contemporary design brand HAY.

According to a new press release from Sonos, the new Sonos One speaker designs from the Danish brand HAY are meant to explore the relationship between sound and design in the home.

“These speakers deserve to be treated like furniture: strong, independent objects that fit different needs and spaces,” says Mette Hay, HAY’s co-founder. “By leveraging HAY’s singular approach to color,” reads the report, “this limited edition collection fully realizes the Sonos philosophy of sonic architecture and harmonizes both brands’ ability to create products that can transform a home.”

The collection — which brings a flash of colour to the line that until now has only been available in black or white — will cost slightly more than those more conservative colours.

“Our speakers aren’t designed to claim attention but to blend naturally into their surroundings,” says Sonos VP of Design Tad Toulis. Even with the addition of colors to the typically black-and-white Sonos product line, the new HAY Sonos One still manages to maintain that aesthetic subtlety.

The array of colours is made up of Forest Green, Pale Yellow, Soft Pink, Light Grey, and Vibrant Red, each of which was designed by HAY.

The yellow relates to kitchens and bathrooms that are often kept light and complemented with stainless steel and porcelain,” says Hay. “The green hues are meant to remind viewers of pots or plants sitting by windows. The light grey is for everyone. It was important to find the right shade—one that suits both workspaces, homes, and different looks with its neutral tone. Pink is the color we feel closely connected to in fashion – we feel that all things pink create a special desire right now. The iconic red was the final color I chose for the collection, as it creates such an important accent with regards to furniture.”

As far as the speakers themselves go, the insides are the very same as last year’s Sonos One; they’re pretty much the same on the outside, as well, apart from the updated colours.

The HAY Sonos One Limited Edition Collection–priced at $279 Canadian–will launch on November 5 with pre-orders beginning today from, the Sonos Store NYC, and (launching in the US soon), as well as the MoMA Design Store.

Update: Canadian pricing added.