Here’s What Spotify Users are Listening to During Coronavirus Lockdown

With more and more workers around the globe working remotely from home amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, streaming music giant Spotify is seeing a radical change in the music and podcast listening trends. There’s been an increase in cooking- and housework-themed playlists, as well as in Self-improvement podcasts.


Based on listening from March 19 to 25, Spotify users seem to be showing an increased interest in news podcasts. Listeners have been checking out podcasts like Coronavirus: Fact vs. Fiction (CNN), Coronavirus Global Update (BBC), and Don’t Touch Your Face (Foreign Policy).

Spotify has also seen an increase in the streaming of Kids & Family content, particularly music to help kids sleep. Some of the top Spotify playlists and podcasts parents are streaming for kids can be found here.

During this time we’ve also noticed that the songs Spotify listeners are adding to their playlists are more “chill”—meaning they’re more acoustic, less danceable, and have lower energy than songs previously added. Plus, the music tends to be more instrumental, featuring instruments rather than vocals. Looking for your own calm inspiration? Check out the many playlists on our Chill shelf.

Users are also creating and following more workout playlists than they were a month ago, and streams of running, yoga, nature sounds, and meditation playlists are up a well.