Steve Jobs Business Card Sells for $6,259, Autographed Magazine Fetches $47,775


A Boston based RR Auction for a Steve Jobs business card listing him as Chairman of the Board at Apple Computer has been sold for $6,259 USD this week, MacRumors is reporting. The business card, which features Apple’s iconic rainbow logo and an address of 20525 Mariani Avenue, was not even signed by Jobs.

Steve jobs business card

A Macworld magazine copy of the February 1984 premiere issue signed by Jobs was also sold at the same auction for a whopping $47,775 USD. While some other copies of the issue might still be in circulation, Steve Jobs’ autograph is what actually makes this particular copy a collectible.

Macworld steve jobs

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Back in July, a rare job application filled out by the late Apple co-founder was sold for a massive $174,757 USD.