Apple Supplier Work-Hour Compliance Increases to 95% in October 2013

Apple has updated its Supplier Work-Hour Compliance chart today on its Labor and Human Rights page, to indicate their suppliers have achieved an average of 95% compliance to the 60-hour work week across the over 1 million employees currently being tracked, an increase from 87% in September.

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Back in September, New York-based China Labor Watch, which follows Apple’s supply chain closely, accused the company’s iPhone 5c supplier of forced overtime and breaking labor laws. Some have alluded production of new iPhone and iPads cause overtime hours to spike beyond the limit of a 60 hour work week.

Back in July, Apple formed an academic advisory board for its Supplier Responsibility program, led by Brown University Professor and Watson Institute Director-Professor Richard Locke.

Apple annually publishes its Supplier Responsibility Progress Report, a detailed and thorough breakdown of the company’s commitment to transparency and goal of improving working conditions at its supplier factories.