TELUS Announces National Expansion of ‘Tech for Good’ Partnership With March of Dimes Canada

TELUS has announced a national expansion of its “Tech for Good” program in partnership with March of Dimes Canada.

In order to support National AccessAbility Week, TELUS announced that the expansion, first launched in 2018, will support more Canadians with disabilities that require professional assistance to use their mobile devices.

According to a press release, the program will offer customized recommendations, training, and support on mobile devices. The program will also offer assistive technology to those that have disabilities using their mobile devices.

TELUS says its “Tech for Good” program enables equitable access to mobile devices, empowering people with disabilities to “live, work, and play in our digital world.”

“At TELUS, we understand that technology deployed responsibly and compassionately can be a great equalizer across our societies. We also know that technology deployed brilliantly can be even more potent, unleashing human innovation and allowing all citizens to realize their full potential and their own definitions of success,” said Darren Entwistle, TELUS’ President and CEO.

“The global health emergency has demonstrated the critical importance of digital accessibility, particularly for citizens with disabilities,” he continues. “Canadians thrive on the power of broadband technology and the connectivity it enables to work, learn, socialize, access healthcare, and transact safely and effectively from their homes. Through our Tech for Good program, and in collaboration with March of Dimes Canada, the TELUS team is passionate about deploying our technology brilliantly to empower Canadians of all abilities to prosper in our digital world.”

The program also provides people with disabilities access to Assistive Technologists at March of Dimes Canada who have “specialized knowledge about accessibility barriers and assistive technologies for mobile devices.” This program includes personalized, virtual one-on-one assessment, assistive technology training, and recommendations based on an individuals’ diverse needs, explains the press release.

“As a national charity devoted to supporting and empowering people living with disability, the Tech for Good program is a perfect fit. Our team will work with clients to ensure they are connected and comfortable with their mobile devices and the assistive technology they require,” said Len Baker, President and CEO of March of Dimes Canada. “This partnership with TELUS reflects our shared vision of a world that is accessible to all, where technology can play a role in breaking down barriers, increasing independence and enhancing lives. We are grateful to TELUS for its support.”

TELUS’ “Tech for Good” initiative will live within the company’s “Connecting for Good” portfolio of programs, which ensures that the company’s technology “creates meaningful change by bridging digital divides and ensuring equal access to technology for Canadians in need.”