Tim Cook Discusses Apple’s Role in Health Care, Education and Environment

In an exclusive interview with Fortune Magazine in late March, Tim Cook talked about Apple’s initiatives in the fields of health care, education and environment with executive editor Adam Lashinsky, who first profiled Cook in a 2008 magazine cover story titled “The Genius Behind Steve”. He also discussed why he personally rejected the idea of establishing a corporate foundation.


Apple CEO highlighted that his company’s biggest priorities include renewable energy, education and health care. Apple runs its own facilities overwhelmingly on renewable energy, it is focused on teaching coding from kindergarten through community college, and has raised over $130 million for HIV/AIDS through its PRODUCT (RED) partnership with the Global Fund.

Cook however believes Apple’s greatest contribution to the society comes through the 2 million U.S. jobs it creates through its “app economy” as well as the “many millions” more it supports in the rest of the world. 

“I think the No. 1 way Apple changes the world is through our products. We make products for people that are tools to enable them to do things that they couldn’t otherwise do—to enable them to create or learn or teach or play. Or do something really wonderful.

We believe education is a great equalizer. And so we try our best to bring education to the mainstream. And right now our major thrust is in coding because we think that coding is the sort of the second language for everyone in the world.

We try to advocate for people’s privacy because we are living in a world where technology can do lots of things, but there’s things that it shouldn’t do. And so we try very hard to protect people’s privacy and security and hopefully keep some of these bad things at bay for them.”

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