Toronto Now Shares Real-Time Traffic Data with Waze to Ease Congestion

The City of Toronto has officially announced it is now sharing real-time traffic data with Waze, to allow drivers to navigate the city with ease and to help congestion during peak periods. Toronto will also have access to Waze real-time traffic and road data, to enable the city to respond faster to issues as they arise.

Mayor John Tory announced at a press event this morning more details about the partnership, saying “For the first time, the City is sharing its traffic data with Waze and Waze users. This partnership will give our traffic operations centre better visibility into traffic patterns and provide Waze users enhanced information to plan and adjust their commute.”

In the Toronto area alone, there are over 560,000 active Waze users. The new partnership will also allow Waze to help the City deal with traffic and road closures when it comes to major events, highway maintenance and pilot projects, such as the King Street Pilot which kicked off last week.

“Over the last three years, we have finally focused on fighting traffic in Toronto and improving commute times. I am determined to build on the progress we’ve made and continue the fight each and every day,” added Tory.

Waze toronto

Mike Wilson, Waze Canada’s country manager, said in a statement, “Our partnership with the City of Toronto will empower drivers with real-time information on routes, traffic alerts and road closures to get them to their destination on time. Additionally, by leveraging Waze insights, the City will now have greater visibility into traffic patterns and will be able to make better planning decisions.”

Back in September, Mayor John Tory announced the city was planning on sharing traffic data with Waze, as part of its plan to battle traffic congestion at major intersections.

Waze is available for download for iOS and Android.

Are you looking forward to this partnership?