Touch ID On iPhone 5S Reportedly Accepts More Than Five Fingerprints [VIDEO]

Touch id part 640x384

According to a new report by iMore, the Touch ID on the iPhone 5S can accept more than five fingerprints at a time. Previously, it has been known that there are only five slots for fingerprints storage on any one iPhone 5S device, in order to perform unlock and iTunes authentication functions using the Touch ID. But now, it appears that scanning five fingers instead of one will register all those fingerprints into just one slot.

iMore claims that while it might just be a bug or an un-mentioned feature, they have however personally tested and verified that the process of scanning all five fingers registers into a single slot. On the contrary, Apple has ospecifically advertised the new Touch ID feature as working with five prints. Therefore, the loophole could very well disappear in a future update.

Check out the video below and let us know if it’s working for you on your iPhone 5S or not: