Transport Canada Bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from Air Travel

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was banned from U.S. airlines yesterday in an announcement made by the Federal Aviation Adminstration (FAA). Transport Canada has also made a similar announcement as well, announcing the device is to not be permitted on any airplane.

Transport Canada says they believe Special Provision 137 of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations, applies to the Note 7, specifically Subsection 5 of Special Provision, which states “it is forbidden to transport lithium ion cells or batteries that are damaged or defective and that, under normal conditions of transport, produce a flame or a dangerous evolution of heat, or produce a dangerous emission of toxic, corrosive or flammable gases or vapours.”

As for airlines, they are instructed to inform passengers the Note 7 is not allowed to be onboard:

Air carriers should alert passengers to the prohibition against air transport of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device, in particular, immediately prior to boarding and to deny boarding to a passenger in possession of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device unless the passenger divests themselves and their baggage, including carry-on and checked, of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device.

If a Note 7 does makes its way onto the plane, airline staff are to instruct the passenger to power off their phone and not charge it, plus also ensure no accidental activations occur, such as alarms. The phone must be kept on the person’s body and not in the overhead compartment or seat back pocket or in carry-on baggage, for the duration of the flight, to ensure action can be taken if the device catches fire or explodes.

WestJet let customers know the Note 7 is banned from all flights, which started today:

Air Canada also made the same announcement as well yesterday. Even before the official ban, passengers have noted on Twitter onboard announcements have stated the Note 7 cannot be used or charged while in-flight: