Twitter Blue Signups Delisted After Days of Fake Accounts and Parodies

Twitter appears to have pulled the ability to sign up for its $9.99 Twitter Blue subscription. This decision follows days since the platform launched the new model, which included automatic verification.

Overnight, multiple credible users have reported that the Twitter Blue menu has been removed from the platform’s sidebar, according to The Verge. Previously, this was the location to navigate to in order to subscribe to the monthly subscription. However, it appears as though Twitter is delisting this ability. For those who can still actively see the menu option, a pop-up reading, ” “Thank you for your interest! Twitter Blue will be available in your country in the future. Please check back later,” appears.

The reasoning behind the unprecedented decision to delist Twitter Blue signups is still unknown. However, given how sudden it was, it’s likely that the decision stems from the subscription’s abuse over the past few days. Since the new version of Twitter Blue rolled out on iOS this week, many users have flocked to it for the purpose of parodying corporations, brands, and Musk himself. Paired with the automatic verification, these impersonations have been trolling the service.

Alternatively, Twitter may have pulled signups due to a lack of internal support. Following Elon Musk’s takeover, the new head of the company laid the axe on 25 percent of its 7,000 global employee base. It became such a problem, that Twitter had to reportedly bring staff back in in order to fill essential roles and maintain operations.

These are all but small buckets in a pool of abysmal decisions made on the Twitter front recently. Musk’s Twitter attempted to introduce a gray “Official” badge as a way to really mark verification. This was on top of the confusing Twitter Blue verification that anyone could have for paying $9.99. However, Official badges were quickly removed hours (yes, hours) after their introduction this week. Following a string of brands and figures receiving the grey tick, Musk himself said, “I just killed it.” However, some accounts now has the Official badge yet again as of the time of writing.

Perhaps that final sentiment can also be attributed to Twitter Blue. Seeing how scattered the platform currently is, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that Musk simply wished to pivot to some other idea or scheme to drive revenue for the company.