Twitter Working on Solution to Disappearing Tweets Caused by Auto-Refresh

Twitter has announced that it is looking into finding a solution to tweets disappearing due to auto-refresh. This is a common occurrence for Twitter users upon opening the app on iOS and Android.

Recently, Twitter Support has expressed that it recognizes how frustrating it can be to pop back onto the app and see a notable tweet only for the app to send it in to the either as it refreshes. According to the page, the company is currently working on finding and releasing a solution.

Exact details on what the fix could be were not disclosed. Twitter Support instead did explain how the issue came to be in the first place. As replies were added to a conversation, Twitter bumped those tweets up the timeline. However, in order to keep the timeline fresh and avoid users from seeing the same tweets, auto-refresh was introduced.

Twitter has been continuously testing and developing new features. Recently, Twitter began testing emoji reactions in Turkey. Additionally, edge-to-edge tweet designs are being tested on iOS.

Although no word on exactly when Twitter will be resolving the auto-refresh issue, Twitter support did note that updates would be rolling out “over the next two months”.