Twitter Starts Surveying Users About Potential Subscription-Based Features

Last week, Twitter revealed its plans to introduce a subscription-based model amid a sharp decline in its core advertising business and now, the company has started surveying its users about potential features they’d want from a paid service, The Verge is reporting.

As shared on Twitter by reporter Andrew Roth, Twitter is considering a variety of features as part of a paid subscription, including the option to undo tweets immediately after they’ve been sent as well as the ability to post longer and higher-resolution videos.

Twitter is asking its survey participants to select the most and least important of the suggested ideas.

Below is a list of possible features as suggested by Twitter’s surveys:

  • An “undo send” window that would allow you to recall a tweet within 30 seconds, which sounds similar to Gmail’s “undo” button. It’s the closest thing to offering an edit button that Twitter has talked about yet.
  • Custom colors for the Twitter app and website
  • The ability to post longer and higher-resolution videos
  • More advanced analytics
  • Custom profile badges (an example given is that journalists could have badges noting which publication they work for)
  • Canned responses to select from for faster replies
  • Job recruiting features (for posting jobs and connecting with potential recruits)
  • Custom stickers and hashtags
  • Insights into other accounts (which could show all of your past interactions with a user)
  • “User roles,” which would make it easier for large organizations to grant access to company accounts without having to directly share passwords
  • Fewer or no ads at all

Twitter reported its second-quarter ad revenues of $562 million last month, a 23% decrease compared to the same quarter a year ago.